Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cindy the peacock? or the cat woman?

Marjorie says...

From my letter to the editor inbox today comes this note from fellow blogger M.G. Bralley, who while photographing the McCain/Palin rally here in Albuquerque yesterday became more and more puzzled by Cindy McCain's peacock look.

Dear Marjorie,

I didn't know you're the fashion tipster, but I have a question;

Republican Presidential candidate Sen. John McCain's wife Cindy arrived in Albuquerque yesterday wearing a fluorescent green dress with a fluorescent orange vest.

Is she being flashy trying to upstage Governor Sarah Palin because her husband has a younger woman intruding into his life or did she have to match her brightly colored sprained arm's bandage?

Just trying to figure you women out.

Well, Mark, I know we can be pretty darn hard to figure out. But in this case, let me lay your mind to rest. I highly doubt this is indicative of one of those cat-fights you guys always like to imagine.

No, what we have here is more evidence of Cindy McCain's penchant for designer clothes, plain and simple. And hey, can't blame a wealthy woman for wanting to look spectacular. I think she looks pretty darn good.

Ps. As to the cast, I do think she could do a better job of color coordination...there's a little clashing going on there.

Pss. Love the picture you took of both McCain and the Palin hubby hitching up their pants at the same time. Now that might indicate something...but you guys are gonna have to fill us gals in on that one.

These photos were taken by Mark at the McCain/Palin rally yesterday. Nice job, as ever!