Sunday, September 25, 2005

Being dramatic in dramatic times

Maggie says:
Usually when folks say things like, "The world is punishing the U.S. for being such assholes for so long," I shrug it off and figure there's a fine balance to everything. Yes, we're assholes. But there is a thing as bad luck. For instance, I can't really believe that last year's hurricanes in Florida (conveniently targeting conservative enclaves) was a punishment for Bush/Gore 2000. And yes, Katrina did point out some obvious shortcomings to being poor in the richest country in the world, like being left to die in a flooding city and ignored by everyone who could help you, when our country likes to think of itself as the savior of the world. But I try to keep perspective, not think of domestic tragedies as karma, especially since those hurt the most are usually the ones our country is hurting already.

But when something happens like a bus explosion that killed 24 elderly Houston evacuees escaping Hurricane Rita, I can't help myself from thinking that we're at the mercy of some universal payback-to-Americans plan. I can't help but think, "What is happening here?" I can't help but wonder how much worse things can get, and if this isn't reckoning for our insensitivity and abuse of other countries and other people. Things have been bad enough without 24 seniors dying as they tried to do the right thing. Why in the world did that have to happen? And how much has to happen before our country radically changes course and we start taking care of each other again?