Monday, September 05, 2005

Roberts and Katrina

Maggie says:
Looks like the next political front related to Katrina will concern John Roberts. Democrats (including the New Orleans mayor) are requesting that Bush delay Roberts' confirmation hearings until after the bulk of the hurricane relief effort is over.

From Democrats' view, sharing the spotlight politically would mean a decrease in attention and efforts in Louisiana and Mississippi. Republicans, of course, want to change the subject as soon as possible: more attention on Katrina means more tough questions for them to answer, more angry press conferences. They consider Roberts a political win and want to change the mood as soon as they can.

My opinion? Any politics outside of getting aid to those who need it right now is not only irrelevant, it's inhumane. Bush needs to realize that this isn't going to blow over - he needs to sit in his own mess, not change the subject.