Thursday, September 15, 2005

Learning from Generals on Planning

Mikaela says:
These gems from opening comments from today's planning conference.

General Patton -- "A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow."

General Eisenhower -- "Plans are nothing; planning is everything."

On a side note, generals are endearing themselves to me lately, what with the stellar leadership and decision-making in the chaos of the Katrina aftermath and with generals -- retired and soon-to-be-retired-against-their-will -- going on record against Iraq and other overextension of U.S. military use around the world. Within the larger quest for empire by extension of military (and economic) force, there are those who disagree. These are exactly the kind of experts that those in the Bush administration have no use for, not just because they don't simply tell them what they want to hear, but because Bush and his cronies seem to have no use for experience as opposed to political cronism, as we've seen this week in FEMA revelations. In planning, we call these the guerillas in the bureaucracy. Go generals! The good kind, anyway.