Thursday, September 22, 2005

Journal: minimum wage, party patrol, & clean women

marjorie says...

So…speaking of the media, what’s in the Journal today?

The first thing that caught my eye was the horrendous article on the front page about the minimum wage ordinance.

To the Journal: you’ve got to be more balanced than this. Why are all these anti-minimum wage people given top billing while Matt Henderson of Acorn is buried at the bottom of the story? Since Raburn, the CEO of Eclipse Aviation is the centerpiece of your story, why not put the fact that he doesn’t oppose the minimum wage increase on the front page? Perhaps the Journal could tell us how many people in their company make the minimum wage. Come on, Journal, how is it going to impact your bottom line?

To Raburn: look, your blatant false propaganda is gross. You know good and well that the passage in question does not provide for “anyone who wants to … come in to my factory, plop their butt down and stay there all day.” Rather, the passage allows members of the public access to non-work areas that are otherwise open to the public generally, such as parking lots, sidewalks, and pedestrian area. Why can’t you make your argument based on the actual wording in the passage?? What? Oh--that’s right--you have to make a big exaggeration because you *know* it isn’t that big of a deal.

Let’s see…What else?

More on the overbearing Party Patrol in the Metro section.

Look, it stretches my imagination almost beyond belief that a fairly small party of family and friends of our county manager Thaddeus Lucero would warrant the Party Patrol *busting* their way into a private home and *forcing* people to leave. What is this city coming to when a police unit is authorized to bust into private homes because people are throwing a party? Do we really need our own Gestapo in Albuquerque? How many of you have heard anecdotal stories of what the young people of Albuquerque are subject to by this patrol? It’s not right. I want young people to be safe but I don’t think the way to do that is to turn them into criminals. And now, we have the Party Patrol targeting adult parties. Thaddeus, I’m sorry it happened to you but hopefully this incident will cause greater scrutiny of the practices of this unit.

Finally, yeah…we always knew we were cleaner than the guys!!

A study done at four public venues in Atlanta, New York, San Francisco and Chicago found that on average 25% of men don’t wash their hands before leaving the bathroom…compared to 10% of women. No surprise there. Sorry!