Thursday, April 20, 2006

BLOG-IN: Wrap-up

Maggie and Marjorie say:
The councilors we like best - O'Malley, Benton, and Heinrich - all speak of "reluctant support," and there's something to that. We find ourselves in the position of wanting low-wage workers to have more money in their pockets, but wishing this was passed by a referendum properly, in full, with all the support of the town's progressive community.

Watered-down bill or not, Heinrich deserves credit and genuine thanks for sticking with the minimum wage issue. It would've been easy to give up on it amidst the Chamber's high-fives last fall. This issue matters. It's important to this city, to its workers, and to its quality of life. So for persistence, thank you Martin.

For speaking our conscience, for making us laugh, for being on the same page, thank you Debbie.

And for bringing us all together, thank you Chantal and Duke City Fix. Let's do this again; it was fun! passed, 6 to 3...we have a minimum wage for Albuquerque.

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