Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ode to Sex Toys

Well, why fight it? It's on all of our minds, right?

Maggie's politicized it, but it's intensely personal, private, and powerful. Sex, sex, sex.

And if they want us to be abstinent, then what better than a sex toy? If they want us not to get abortions, why not safe sex with a sterile sex toy?

Oh, wait. I get it. Isn't this all about corraling sexuality? Keeping men important to women -- within the confines of marriage?

Well, our zoom cloud has started the Ode we should all be writing together. Our ode to sex toys and our own freedom and healthy, safe sexuality:

Rally, sperm,
you social justice sex toy.
Rally, vulvas,
you victims of invasion.

Next to you,
your neighbor,
your congress,
sex-spying in windows --
spy, sally, spy!

Sex toys split woman from woman
men from the boys
while the white house wages war
on your imagination
leaving you fingers
from paradise
chasms away
from those who would stop you.