Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's only Tuesday

Maggie groans:
Never in the history of The Onion has a single post summed up my attitude better than this one: It's Only Tuesday.

Tuesday's arrival stunned a nation still recovering from the nightmarish slog that was Monday, leaving some to wonder if the week was ever going to end, and others to ask what was taking Saturday so goddamn long.

"Ugh," said Wagner, echoing a national sense of frustration over it not even being Wednesday at the very least.

According to suddenly depressed sources, the feeling that this week may in fact last forever was further compounded by the thought of all the work left to be done tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and, if Americans make it that far, possibly even Friday, for Christ's sake.

Fears that the week could actually be going backwards were also expressed.

Not sure what my problem is. Maybe I'm still recovering from last night's office holiday dinner at Stephan Pyles, which featured an outrageously decadent ten-course tasting menu and really required a full day's rest after it was over. Wow.

Maybe I'm freaking out about so many Christmas gifts left to find, and so little time. Or maybe my mom's note is getting me worked up about not being home yet to help out: "Get ready for an all-night wrapping party when you arrive!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Maybe I honestly feel like it should be September 22, or October 12, or maaaaybe November 9, but certainly not December 18. Didn't I just move here last week?

Maybe I haven't seen enough movies this fall. Maybe I haven't read enough books. Maybe it's that I still haven't been to the Sixth Floor Museum. Maybe it's that the "check engine" light just came on in my car. Maybe it's that I never finished the Sunday Times this weekend.

Maybe I just need a nap.