Wednesday, December 19, 2007

War Nation

marjorie says...

Monahan points out an interesting Steve Pearce quote found in the Valencia County News-Bulletin:

"Pearce said he would not vote to bring home the troops until the job is done and predicts that American troops will continue to have a presence in the Middle East as they have been since World War II in Germany and Japan and in South Korea after the Korean conflict.

"We fought that war in the '40s, and we still have troops in Germany and Japan 60 years later," he said. "We still have troops in Korea 50 years later. So I think, 50 years from now, we'll still have some troop presence in Iraq and in the Middle East."

Well? Nice to see someone being honest about it. This is what all the Bush folks believe, and frankly, I figure most other Republicans as well as Democrats believe it also. Why else would we spend so much money building all those military installations? We're a war nation. Our economy depends on it. And I suspect our collective sense of ourselves does as well.