Friday, December 21, 2007

More Movies! Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd

Mikaela says:
I had absolutely no interest (okay, total lie, no interest other than the always-delicious, even under heavy makeup Johnny Depp) in seeing Sweeney Todd until reading this review in the Washington Post.

Now? I'm all about braving the gore to see Tim Burton in artistry action. I've always respected Burton's ability to charm the goth crowd and somehow reach middle America, or at least mainstream America, yet he's a bit ... distant for my taste. Somehow maudlin for all his darkness.

I'll throw caution to the winds, though, and try again. Helena Bonham Carter costumed a la Frankenstein's Bride? Bring it on!

A musical adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's Broadway play? Sure! Why not?

A murderous story of revenge of the have-nots against the haves? It's gotta be better than the morality tale of A Christmas Carol! Probably darker, too, which is even better to counteract the saccharine tendencies of our mostly manufactured holiday!

This season, I'm game!