Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Fraud in Precint 3549

Maggie says:
Last night's news that a precinct captain where Mario was stationed absconded with all the delegate sheets is spreading... FrontBurner, D Magazine's blog, reports the following:

With help from FBvian Maggie, we told you last night about the disaster at 3549, which is Singing Hills Rec Center. Now we have confirmation that it went down just as described. The precinct chair is Sandra Crenshaw, the former City Council member. The videotape does exist, and I expect we’ll soon enough be seeing it in one medium or another.
Laura has pictures of Crenshaw waving the voter packet around, too. Outrageous. Being new here, I have no idea about Crenshaw's backstory, but some googling shows me that this isn't exactly surprising behavior on her part.

Mario and Laura are at Love Field right now; when they land and Laura e-mails me her photos, I'll post them.

Update: Unfair Park talking about Crenshaw and 3549, too.