Friday, March 14, 2008

Quick hits... off to NC!

Maggie says:
I'm going home this afternoon for a much-needed weekend with the fam. Here's what I'm noticing on my way out today:

  • If Celebs Moved to Oklahoma. Perfect Friday fodder. So bad, I know. And I feel kinda bad for Oklahoma, even though it's the state where I saw a vending machine for "Freedom Ticklers - Pleasure Her The Patriotic Way!" in an I-40 gas station restroom a few years ago.
  • SNL parodying Project Runway's Christian Siriano. I fell for Project Runway this year in a big way - it was the first season I followed it, and I'm now a total Tim Gunn devotee. I can't link to the actual video with this (work) computer, but search for the You Tube clip if you haven't seen it already. Classic! How much do I want someone in my life to offhandedly mention "fierce tallness and walks for days"? So, so much. And as much as I agree with Christian winning, how much do I still want a closet full of Jillian's clothes? Oh so much.
As you can see, I can't be serious today - although I was musing on my favorite Democratic National Convention speeches of years past on the way to work today. It'll be nice to get a sense of where people are at on the Dems in NC. And in the meantime, I have a 9-month-old niece to love, my parents' Tanzania photos to exclaim over, yummy food to eat, old friends and sibs to laugh(drink) with, and ACC basketball in the mix.

See you all Monday!