Monday, March 03, 2008


Mikaela says:
I'm over the political contest these days. I still can't get over Bush and all that he's about to get away with, apparently scott-free. (What does that term really refer to, by the way?)

Instead, I've got personal doings going on, including a job change and an upcoming honeymoon.

So much more fun to think about than parsing Democratic candidates or the Republican response to them!

Here's where I'll be w/ my honey in a week:

One of my friends, on hearing our honeymoon destination commented, dismayed:

"Canada's cold and dark right now. What are you thinking? I'm so not on board with this trip."
(Love the pun in that, by the way!)

She could be right, but from where I'm sitting, three days on a train with nowhere to go, nothing to do but watch scenery and listen to books on tape, sounds like the best thing in the whole world. And we'll be out of the country!

Thank goodness...(and everyone who gave us honeymoon cash...)