Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tackle Global Warming with 1Sky New Mexico

marjorie says...

Thanks to the folks at New Mexico Youth Organized, I have just been turned on to a great New Mexico collaboration to solve our climate change crisis: 1Sky New Mexico. I was immediately inspired ...and then ten times more because it is action oriented (and what a great team!).

In the words of Juan Reynosa in his blog on Clearly New Mexico, 1Sky New Mexico seeks to:

  • Create new jobs and new opportunities by developing high-paying clean energy jobs in urban and rural New Mexico, and
  • Invest in a new energy future by cutting global warming emissions and improving the efficiency of our homes, vehicles, and communities.

New Mexico is a state invested heavily in fossil fuels...but we're also a leader in the quest to develop critical alternative energy sources. We can turn the tide here, without question. Sometimes all it takes is just a few minutes on the part of just a few people.

This week, we are being asked to sign a pledge, which will then be delivered to Heather Wilson during a Rally at her office on Friday morning, to draw attention to her environmental record. This is a "B.Y.O.Blue" action--folks are asked to wear blue in solidarity with blue skies, and a moratorium on coal power plants in New Mexico.

Let's ensure that our political representatives develop the Political Will necessary to solve our global warming crisis and create a sustainable future.

si se puede!