Monday, March 03, 2008

A day away

Maggie says:
A storm blew through Dallas last night that unleashed cold rain, boomed loud thunder, and howled huge gusts of wind all night long. Let's hope that's not an omen for what lies ahead tomorrow.

I managed to hit the last thirty minutes of early voting Friday afternoon, so now I won't clog up the lines at the polls tomorrow and have no excuse not to be at the caucus portion of the events tomorrow night. What, you haven't heard of the Texas Two-Step? Oh my. Bring on the electoral confusion! (Back to my Blue Highways place-based ramblings... isn't it interesting how the quirky state election processes that never mattered before are now suddenly fodder for news and political junkies everywhere?)

I'm fascinated to look at the turnout numbers by night's end Tuesday. I've already spent this morning digging into the Emily's List/AFSCME/AFT backing of Clinton versus the SEIU backing of Obama and what those expenditures look like in Texas and Ohio, so now I'm ready to see how all that organization - and of course money - plays out.

Two more points before I spend the rest of the day nervously tapping my foot waiting for tomorrow to get here:

  • I respect Bill Richardson's statement that Wednesday morning's delegate leader should be the party's nominee. That's a more distinguished position to take at this point than to give an endorsement of one candidate, and I couldn't agree more. I'm ready to move on from the bickering.
  • Skeptical of how big this is for Texas? Check out this morning's Dallas Morning News editorial analyzing how blue Texas' reddest county is looking via its early voting numbers. This stormy weather's no joke... something's brewing down here for sure.