Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Maggie says:
Life is feeling very fragile today. The morning broke in a fog so thick it looked like our patio was out at sea. Telling, that fog. All day I've been sending my love out to Connecticut, where a service was held this morning for the saddest of reasons. And here in Dallas, a high-profile political couple just ended their lives, and each breaking detail feels more heartbreaking than the last, especially when I recall that each time I encountered Lynn Flint Shaw, she was always laughing and smiling. No more.

So I don't have the appetite for politics today - I haven't since the March 4 primary, actually. My opinions differ strongly from many expressed here regarding the benefits of a prolonged Democratic primary process, and that's half political reality, half gut-level emotion talking. Every bit of me knows that it's time to move forward; we've been in this moment too long, and the longer we're here the shakier a Democratic future becomes. That's not a small thing to me. And yet, on days when drama doesn't involve a splashy headline and instead touches on life and death, I remember that pausing just to sit, and to check in with folks you love, is such a blessing.

So today, I'm pausing and doing just that. And Switters and Fanny completely sum up my emotional state. Big hug, everyone.