Sunday, March 09, 2008

Log Cabin Quilt

marjorie says...

This is one of a handful of what I call my "dark" quilts. They are all just incredibly one of a kind, special quilts. This is the first quilt I ever really splurged on, and I have it hanging in my house. I thought I was spending a lot of money at the time, but now I've gone well past that. sigh. What a slippery slope. And what a deal I got on this quilt. It was one of seven, all made of darker wool material, a lot of it suit material. All one of a kind variations on the log cabin quilt. All in mint condition...found in a trunk at a Colorado estate. That's all I know about it...what a shame that this woman's quilts got disconnected from her name, and so dispersed. Click on it to really see it. I love it, it's one of a handful I'll probably always have.

Happy Monday folks!