Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Super-Delegate Marty's Constituents Went for Obama

marjorie says...

LP makes an excellent point today over at NM FBIHOP that I hadn't considered. Marty Chavez has never said (to my knowledge) that he agrees with previous remarks made by Bill Richardson that super-delegates should vote the way their constituents voted. If he has, please point me to it. But he is using this point to take Bill to task for his endorsement of Barack Obama:

"The governor is making a play for himself," Chávez said, noting that Clinton carried New Mexico in the state's Feb. 5 caucus. "Otherwise, he would do what he said all superdelegates should do, which is vote the way their constituents voted."

From LP today:

"...Though I could not find splits for Albuquerque itself, Bernalillo County went for Obama by a slight margin. Obama had "27,720 votes to Clinton's 25,825" in the February 5 primaries. I assume Chavez will now change his superdelegate vote to Obama to "vote the way [his] constituents voted."

Well Marty? Should Super-Delegates vote based on how the majority of their constituents voted?