Monday, March 10, 2008

Spare me the spousal support

Maggie asks:

What's more cliché than the prosecutor-turned-politician cited for prostitution involvement? How about his wife standing beside him during the press conference?

Poor woman. I'm so tired of these spousal parades for public consumption. Every time this happens, we get a press conference featuring the guilty one and his wife. Or worse, his wife and the kids. Do any of us believe that she wants to be there? Does it do anyone any good for her to "stand by him" in that moment, rather than being out of the limelight smashing the hell out of something?

None of us know what goes on within relationships, true. But can't we all agree that in the aftermath of a public humiliation like this one, it's not fair to have to submit to your every expression being blasted across CNN, just because of who your husband is?