Monday, March 24, 2008

Tangents of the Moment

marjorie says...

You know, tangents. Those things keeping me from doing my actual work.

  • I've been flipping out over Goodreads. Geez, don't I have enough ways to waste my time online? Seriously. (but, hey, are any of you on Goodreads? Look me up!) I've eschewed a minimalist in the moment approach to using the site in favor of a gluttonous virtual recreation of my life history of reading. It's nothing systematic, just an outpouring from my memory. I feel exposed, and it's possible this won't last long, so if you're at all interested check it out now. (Yes, this is a total case of navel-gazing. How weird that so many of the books I currently have are not being included in my goodreads bookshelf. Nor is the trash. Believe me, there's been a lot of trashy potboiler reading over the years. Can I really bring myself to include the bodice rippers? Funny thing about these kinds of sites is that so many of us don't include those. :-) So what's your all-time favorite trashy novel? Come on, tell me. I'll probably decide on what mine is by the end of the day.)
  • Are we in a recession? Is it worse than that?
  • Is the snow going to be worth a trip to Wolf Creek in early April?
  • Is it even remotely possible that Texas will go Democrat in November? This question popped into my head last night...
  • Does any of this matter, at all, when we have this new milestone to contemplate?