Wednesday, October 15, 2008

America to McCain: Abandon Rovian Dirty Campaign Tactics

Mikaela says:
Race baiting, hate-inciting or no, the referendum comes back from Americans in a new poll, saying:

Give it up; clean it up, McCain: It ain't working!

From Rolling Stone, via White House Watch, this little gem of a quote about Rove's enduring legacy of dirty campaign tricks, embraced by McCain (who knows better than most how they can be used to good effect):

Matt Taibbi writes about Rove in Rolling Stone: "His rise from the ashes is the scariest story of an already scary campaign season. Presidents come and go; they sit in a place where the law can still touch them, and they're subject to the vote once every four years. But Karl Rove is a revolutionary, a man who can't be stopped by anything except death and maybe -- maybe -- prison.

Rove is trying to finish the work of Nixon and Bush: to achieve the supremacy of a peculiarly American form of Leninism, one that involves the drowning of the electoral process in idiot witch hunts and dirty tricks, the handing over of all policy to anyone with a dollar more than the next guy, and the total aggrandizement of incumbent power at the expense of an entire system of checks and balances.

With Rove back in the mix, there's now a hell of a lot more at stake this November ... Not to sound too alarmist, but Election Day now becomes a referendum on democracy itself."