Thursday, October 02, 2008


Maggie says:
Ugh, I'm so anxious, I can't stand it! I've forgotten about ten things today and have been busying myself with mundane database work and fun photoshop work to avoid having to write. I'm just... waiting. I actually left work to go grocery shopping in an attempt to settle my nerves. Speaking of, remember how much fun I had cooking theme dinners during the Democratic primary? Check out "Veep Debate-Viewing Vittles" if you're in need of dinner ideas tonight. It's a pretty Alaska-heavy collection, but I heartily second the Dogfish Ale (a Delaware brewery) recommendation. In fact, I heartily recommend any and all forms of alcohol for tonight (Bethany is so on top of these Palin drinking games).

We're doing a standard pork tenderloin, creamed spinach, roasted potato night at our place. I'm not at all surprised that I forgot about making a theme dinner. At this rate, I'll be lucky to keep anything down.

Just get this debate started already!

Who's being creative with their debate plans tonight?