Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama odds and ends

Maggie says:
I'm not very wordy today - I'm anxious and we're getting close. And... breaking!... I decided to spend Election Day in New Mexico working for Martin and Obama there. As exciting as Texas' returns will be compared to Election Nights past, I had to get outta Dodge for this one. So I'll see many of you around town getting out the vote!

I was so struck by the photo of Obama on the cover of the NY Times this morning. Here's a similar one from the Guardian.

Campaigning in the rain

Chester, PA

On a random note, watching Recount a week before the election is bad for Democratic nerves. Man, did that movie take me back. I'd forgotten so many of the details surrounding Florida in 2000. Watch with caution until Florida, Ohio, New Mexico, and others have turned in their results with confidence next week.

But... Staying strong! Feeling optimistic!

So optimistic, in fact, that I'm also spending the morning perusing the fashion choices of Michelle Obama, who is as accessible fashion-wise as potential First Ladies can be. In other words, when the national party isn't spending a fortune to give you a makeover and you have to buy your own clothes, you head to J. Crew. Just like some of us do. :-)

See Mrs. O for the lowdown on what Michelle is wearing and where to get it.

Also, frequent m-pyre commenter MaryBeth is standing outside in downtown Raleigh right now amidst thousands for the Obama rally there. She'll have a full report and pictures soon!

Loving being from NC this year. Let's bring it home for Obama, Tarheels! That's 15 electoral votes!