Friday, October 10, 2008

Grammar Snob Voter Offended

Maggie says:
Look. I know that some folks aren't big on the whole "grammar" thing, and not keen on spelling. Fine. But if you're running for office, I think you should operate at a higher standard than "some folks."

So I'm not going to name names here, and I will still vote for you because I really don't have any other choice, but please, PLEASE, can you fix the following on your website?

  • "As we approach this election, I offer District 32 an 'Experienced, Effective, Choice for Change.'"
  • "comunnities"
  • "A Veteran of Desert Shield and Attorney".

I'm sure there's more, I just couldn't bear to click anymore out of fear for what else I might find.

UPDATE: A lovely reader of this blog contacted the campaign and is copy-editing their website.