Thursday, October 02, 2008

Palin-Biden: The Debate

To recap: John McCain sent shockwaves through his campaign - and adrenaline into his polls - by nominating Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. She delivered with an electrifying, polarizing speech at the Republican National Convention, and his campaign events were soon injected with the kind of rock-star atmosphere only Obama had enjoyed. Since then, Palin has delivered gaffe after gaffe in a series of interviews, has come across as completely unqualified for the position she is asking voters to place her in, has prompted several conservative commentators to ask that she step down, and is polling rougly 12-14 points lower in state polls taken since the RNC. Meanwhile, Obama has never polled better, and swing state after swing state are turning in his favor as voters becomes disenchanted with McCain and Palin.

Tonight, Sarah Palin debates Joe Biden, and American expectations have never been lower. Some of us expect to be embarrassed for her, some of us expect this to be the end of the Republicans' chances once and for all, and some of us expect Palin to pull through with some of that original spark that so attracted voters in the first place.

What will happen? Just hours from now, it'll be history. So we're sitting here on the verge of the most anticipated vice presidential debate ever. I'm so glad we can do this one together.