Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween everyone!

Maggie says:
I must confess, I am absolutely incapable of coherent writing right now, as this blog currently attests. My brain is so full of what's about to happen that it's consuming me. Nothing productive is happening in that head space, and certainly not at this work desk, either. So while I'm pretending to do real work and tapping my feet for November 4 (and getting back to Albuquerque!!!), here are the other random things going on:

  • Bethany included me in her fun "Know Your Blogger" series... thanks, Bethany! You all know Bethany from her brilliant participation in our debate live-blogs this fall. We love Bethany.

  • My Halloween costume. Enough said.

  • For a kind of non-TV girl, I'm really loving quality television right now. The second season of Mad Men just wrapped, and I'm hooked. I'm also obsessed with True Blood and its Alan Ball-esque take on the politics of a vampire society, plus the bigger dramas happening between everyday people. Finally, the third season of Dexter continues to feel new, as it digs down into the violence of humanity that we inflict every day, either by design or just by being who we are.

  • I'm afraid my Rachel Maddow crush is a cliche now that everyone loves Rachel Maddow. But you know what? I don't care. I want everyone to love this dorky, cheerful policy wonk like I do!

  • I could not stop laughing at clips of McCain's rally yesterday where he thought Joe the Plumber was in the crowd and kept calling out for him... awkward. Also: I think Palin's voice now activates something painful in my brain. She must be muted.

  • Speaking of: I know three Halloween Sarah Palins!

  • M&M: Will you guys take photos of the Forrester madness tonight and share?! It's my favorite Halloween tradition ever!