Monday, October 27, 2008

What is un-American?

marjorie says...

Jim Scarantino is calling Obama supporters "un-American." Here is the reply I gave to his commentary about the large Obama rally over the weekend, which you might want to read for context.

Come on, Jim. First, the marketing of Che's image is as American as you can get, as is wearing t-shirts emblazoned with our mottos, beliefs, and, not least, our mockeries. Your own column in the Alibi about the presidential gear on sale (which was quite amusing) gets at this. Beyond that, having large crowds show up at rally's conducted by charismatic and compelling leaders is actually as American as Apple Pie. Just go back in time and look at our history. If anything, Obama has cut through the marketing B.S. and appealed to the public on that level, which in this era of hyper-managed political campaigns isn't an easy thing to do. What's sad--in actuality--is that we don't have more leaders who are able to spur such political engagement. On any side.

But all this aside, it's disturbing to me that you're now taking up the "un-American" charge. You are seriously implying that all those people who showed up at the rally are un-American. Jeez. I guess I could seriously engage on this...I'd start by asking you who gets to decide what's "American" versus "un-American." And does calling large segments of the American public "un-American" qualify as an "American" thing to do?