Thursday, October 16, 2008

caught with his hand in our cookie jar

marjorie says...

Before checking out for a few days to forget about politics, work, and blogging (yam-time is upon me), let me reflect on the downfall of Manny Aragon.

Being a Johnette come lately to New Mexico, I don't have a deep historical memory of Manny Aragon, so I doubt I'm feeling this moment with the same depth that many are. Nonetheless, I get it.

I've heard the stories about Aragon. Some people literally hate him. Others love him, because he's truly done some great things for people. He really has.

Sometimes when I look at some "great" people, I feel that I can see the corruption like an aura around them. It just kind of strikes me. Regardless of what they've done, or how much I like them, I figure...yeah, I bet they've got their hand in our cookie jar.

Too bad the ABQ Journal doesn't let you embed their videos. I'd love to replay the one on their website here for you all. Rather than reflect on how it's the first day of the rest of his life, I think Aragon should have apologized to the public.

There's no glee or joy happening over here. I agree it's a sad day, but for all of us more than him. I would have preferred to believe he really was what he said...innocent.