Sunday, February 03, 2008

Barnstorming Hillary

marjorie says....

Hillary Clinton hosted a classic barnstorming high school gym rally last night at Highland High. It was packed, the energy was high, and she looked really great. I couldn't get a lot of good photographs because I was up in the bleachers but here are a few. If you click on them you can see more detail.

I appreciated how Hillary posed for me here as Diane Denish introduced her. Before Denish, Dolores Huerta spoke, that's her in the red jacket behind Hillary on the stage. Also on stage is Chelsea Clinton. While we waited for Clinton to get there, Henry Cisneros, Marty Chavez and Hector Balderas spoke.

In this picture you can see all the folks raising their hands to answer Clinton when she asked who in the room knew someone without health care. It seems everyone in the gym did, including all the politicos. Hillary said she would ensure that health insurance would be universal, that every American would be covered. You guys know what I think about that, but I did appreciate the way she derided the insurance industry in her speech.

One woman had a sign that said "Sisterhood to Hillary." Regardless of what you think about voting based on gender or race, it was really powerful to see those women on the stage. I felt the same when I saw Obama. These are my presidential candidates, and I know many of you feel this way also...I'm taking my time making a choice between them, because I like my choice.