Monday, February 11, 2008

Lobbying Swarms, plus the Obama/Clinton Class Divide

marjorie says...

Looks like Maggie and Trevor had some fun in Vegas. Let's hear all about it...please! In the meantime, let me point you all to some tidbits.

First, there's my bit here about the lobbying swarm we witness every time we go to the Roundhouse. The best
Lobbying Swarm Anecdote to date (for me anyway), and I quote myself (ha!):

"The TIDD Greenfield Reform bill, known as HB 451, was heard last Wednesday in the Taxation and Revenue Committee. During the comments section of the hearing, a lobbyist named Daniel Weaks lobbied against the TIDD Reform Bill on behalf of Bernalillo County. Then Representative Elias Barela, who co-sponsored HB 451, called Weaks back and asked him to disclose that he is also a registered lobbyist for SunCal Corporation. SunCal, of course, is the massive California corporation lobbying hard for the creation of tax-payer funded TIDDs to subsidize their development on Albuquerque’s west side. And on the same afternoon he was lobbying against TIDD reform on behalf of Bernalillo County, Weaks was lobbying heavily for approval of SunCal’s TIDD appropriations request, which promises SunCal over $1 Billion in tax revenue over the coming decades."

I link to it in my lobbying piece (which I know you're going to read), but you all
must also read this bit that came out in the Sunday Journal about the incestuous relationships at the Roundhouse. And you know what? It isn't just Kiki Saavedra who has a son lobbying him up there. I'll let you figure this one out. Ok, here's a hint.

And the final bit on Lobbyists, I just have to quote Barb, on the sad news that the Domestic Partnership Bill failed (for now) and the very few Democratic defectors who crushed it:

"Funny how the concepts of "sanctity" and "Catholic morality" are only in play when crushing measures that seek to correct civil liberty travesties, but not when you're greedily grabbing taxpayer money to fund the follies of your cronies."

Moving along to the Obama/Clinton Class Divide...

Here's an interesting bit pointing out that one obvious line that Super Tuesday voters fractured on was Class. As the author puts it, Latte Liberals voted for Obama whereas Dunkin Donuts Democrats went for Hillary. But before you get your "I'm where I'm at through merit alone"
panties in a wad, check out how m-pyre dreamboat David Sirota explains this thing Obama-ites don't want to hear.

And what do I say about the class divide? Well, I think Sirota's analysis that Obama isn't really able to go ultra-populist (thereby becoming more appealing to working people) because it would alienate him among white voters as running a race-based quite compelling. In fact, I'm quite sure that is the case. But...

At the same time, latte drinkers like David Sirota can explain the numbers away all they want...but the numbers remain what they are. And I don't feel like Hillary Clinton has been on a populist bandwagon more than Obama. Neither is on par with John Edwards in that regard. We often hear in organizer/activist circles that the working classes vote against their own best interests. I agree with that largely, but at the same time, its also just a touch patronizing...and we shouldn't be so hasty to roll that argument out. It's just a touch convenient.

Happy Monday folks!