Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spotted in Dallas

Maggie spies: The winning Obama-taking-Texas strategy!

Scene: Office building elevator in the underground parking garage. Me, using the remote car lock as I walk to the elevator, which makes my lights flash. Young guy approaching the elevators behind me.

Guy: Hey, can you tell me what your bumper sticker means? I can't figure it out.

Me: Oh, it's Inauguration Day.

Guy: Oh! 1.20.09... now I get it. So... you plan on getting someone out of the White House?

Me: Well I think that's inevitable, don't you?

Guy: Guess so. Man, it's looking like it's not going to be Ron Paul, huh?

Me (grinning): Um, no, not going to be Ron Paul.

Guy: I was counting on him! All my friends were Ron Paul supporters too. We love that guy. Who are you voting for?

Me: At this point I'm an Obama supporter.

Guy: Yeah, me too.

Me: Really?

Guy: Yep. We all figure, Ron Paul or Barack Obama.

Whoa! I'm floored by the complete lack of logic in that shift of support, but still! So should I issue a priority memo to Obama's Texas campaign about how they can take Texas via Ron Paul?! I mean, the memo's already in the "outbox" along with Marjorie's Super Tuesday endorsement we never saw, but still... ;-)