Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super-fantastic Super Tuesday live-blogging

Here's what we have for you tonight:

  • M3: You know them, you love them
  • Your handy Super Tuesday guide
  • Food and drink flowing in at least one and hopefully all three locales
  • Special appearance by a charming... What do we call him? m-mate? m-guy? Hmm.
  • Some fresh voters!
  • Some jealous haven't-gotten-the-chance-yet voters
  • A smattering of smarts (by the way, I'm dying to hear that in a Boston accent... "a smattuhing of smahts")
  • m-pyre readers from far and wide (please?)
  • More feistiness than one comment thread can handle
  • General group yearning for a country we're not so ashamed of
Oh! You need an electoral map of tonight's offerings? Done:

One tip.... as we learned last time, when we all chime in at once Haloscan gets a little clunky. If you're commenting and the box flashes that the conversation has been updated, copy what you've written, update the box, then paste it back in to publish.