Friday, February 01, 2008

Flighty like purple shoes

Maggie says:
I'm feeling pretty frivolous today. Marj and Mikaela are on top of politics right now, and I can't help but take a little break. I'm shopping for purple heels to match a silver sparkly dress I'm wearing for next weekend's Heather Turns 30 in Las Vegas extravaganza, and that's pretty much the state of my headspace. Last night I tuned in to some of the Obama/Clinton debate and was pleasantly surprised at the change in tone; it reassured me on several levels, actually. So now that I'm calm again, on to frivolous matters:

  • I'm loving this site Goodreads that Erik introduced me to. On slow workweeks like this one, it makes me want to crawl into bed with a pile of yummy books beside me. Maybe while wearing new purple sparkly shoes?
  • I also just caved and joined Facebook, but don't really know how to use it yet. Seems so fun though! It's interesting to me how different sets of friends gravitate toward different sites. My work hour blockage of the site will hopefully prevent me from becoming too attached.
  • My niece is crawling up a storm now and continues to be the cutest thing in the world.
  • My siblings - with their S.O.s! - are visiting Dallas in April for my birthday weekend. I'm super-excited about that.
  • I'm trying to put together an Albuquerque weekend in late April/early May. I miss green chile! And Zinc's duck tamales! And hiking! And the Forrester porch!
  • I'm getting enough of a tax refund to buy a new laptop - yay!
  • I'm also feeling very grown up about impending furniture purchases for the abode.
  • Movie update: Viggo is fantastic in "Eastern Promises," and the documentary "No End in Sight" is really well-done. More to come on that front...
  • I made a kick-ass lentil soup recently. Lentil-lovers, contact me to exchange recipes!
Hey, it's Friday... give a girl a break! Taylor Rae says so!