Monday, February 04, 2008

Super day-before Super Tuesday!

Maggie says:
I'm bursting with nervous excitement and anticipation about tomorrow, and I don't even get to vote! We'll be live-blogging on m-pyre, so stop by tomorrow night to comment as you're watching the results trickle in. Even better, share your stories about your voting decision with us if you're lucky enough to be a Super Tuesday voter!

I'm trying to decide what to cook tomorrow after the smashing success of "Iowa Caucus Corn Chowder" and "New Hampshire Primary Whitefish." Part of me says I should go All-American since we're covering so many states. Part of me says that since I didn't cook anything for the Superbowl, and Super Tuesday is kinda like my superbowl, I should do party food. Or maybe since I'm such a dork, I'll be so busy printing out charts and maps for the Big Game I'll run out of time and just order a pizza. Beer/wine/vodka already stocked. ;-)

Politics nerds unite!