Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday frivolity

Maggie says:
Another Friday, another excuse for fun blogging.

Tonight I'm flying to Las Vegas (for the first time!) to celebrate my hometown best friend Heather's 30th birthday. Some context: As left as my politics lean, I dress quite a bit more conservatively than Heather or, say, the rest of Vegas. So Heather's been pushing me to amp up the flash a little bit for this trip, and she doesn't know it yet, but I think she's going to be very impressed with her old friend.

Let's review what's in my Vegas bag and you can judge for yourself (and by "bag" I mean messy pile of things currently on the floor that will be assembled in my lovable, last-minute fashion right before racing to the airport).

  • Friday night: Black sequin miniskirt, fun gold top, gold strappy heels (although admittedly there is a much safer pink shirt on call just in case the sequins + gold is more than I can handle)
  • Saturday: Casual brunch clothes and comfy things to wear to and from the spa, where Heather has convinced me to sign up for a decadent "Spiced Rum Stone Massage" with her. Whoa!
  • Saturday night: Supposedly after all the spa-ing, we're going to be revved up rather than over-relaxed. Hmmm. Heather has us going to a club that is so not my thing you know I really must love this NC girl. And I do. So for Saturday night I have a silver sparkly dress (consecutive nights of sequins alert!), a little blue shrug that won't provide much of anything except shoulder coverage, and totally gorgeous blue shoes.
  • Sunday: Something to crawl over to brunch in, which I imagine will feature a table full of bleary eyes and sallow complexions.
  • Oh, and!!!! New Digital Camera! My ancient tried-and-true one lost a component recently that the Best Buy guy was sorry to inform me isn't even made anymore, so I have an exciting new one to break in the Vegas way (along with all my sequins, of course!).
I'll be back in Dallas Sunday evening, where I'll rejoin the serious among you, don some denim and cotton, and steady myself for a week full of voting, speeches, polling, and if we're lucky, maybe even some Super Tuesday results from New Mexico!

Have a great weekend, everyone!