Thursday, February 07, 2008

m-pyre Eye on Texas!

marjorie says...

As my dad loves to tell me, Texans don't register by party. He thinks this is superior, even when I tell him I think its kind of silly. But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Because Texans are, simply, TEXANS. No need to go by any other name. Ha!

So, when the primary rolls around on March 4, any registered voter can go vote for who they want, and then they become "affiliated" with that party for the rest of the year, i.e. a Democrat or a Republican. At the end of the year, they go back to being TEXAN, in all their individual glory.

As you can see, I find this pretty amusing.

But, it can also make for a pretty interesting primary. As many of you know, old yellow dog Texas is now overwhelmingly red. If I were living in Texas, the primary is the only place I'd think I had a real voice since in November the Democrat will surely lose. And this year, given the close nature of the Democratic race, the historic choice of candidates, and the large delegate count at stake...I'd be pretty rev'ed up about it.

So get ready to vote Texas!

**And check it out...they've already pointed this out in Texas:

"The rollercoaster ride for the Democratic nomination now makes a sharp turn toward Texas as Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama scramble to court voters who haven't cast meaningful presidential primary ballots in a generation.

"A state that was once considered an afterthought now becomes the biggest prize left in the nominating process and could determine the nominee for Democrats.

"It's really unchartered territory," said Austin media strategist Chuck McDonald, an aide to former Gov. Ann Richards. "For decades, we have had the presumptive nominee come through here and make a victory lap. It was all hugs and kisses, sweetness and warmth."

"The customary love fest now gives way to a fierce Democratic battle that could be staged from the skyscrapers of Dallas to the orchards of the Rio Grande Valley. Like Texas itself, the state's Democrats are diverse; about half are black or Hispanic."

Lucky for us, one-third of m-pyre is on the ground in the Big D and m-pyre friend Erik is in the Austin area, not to mention there are a whole bunch of m-pyre relatives in East Texas to keep us posted. We're counting on you all to keep us in the loop. Maggie has already gone for Barack, Susan has already said its got to be Hillary. My burning question: how many of the TEXANS who routinely go Red will decide to be affiliated Democrats for a year? Something tells me y'all won't be able to help yourself.