Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Maggie's homemade Super Tuesday guide

Maggie says:
So once again I've shown my true nerd colors by creating a fun election night tool. This is nowhere near as glorious as the Election Night 2006 spreadsheet, but I only had an hour!

I tried to create a fairly organized spreadsheet to help lay out what we might expect tonight. I reviewed batches of the latest polls, read through some anecdotal stuff, and used a little gut feeling to come up with how each state is looking. What's interesting doing this is seeing how many states I've marked "Likely Clinton/Toss-up"...those states show strong Clinton numbers up until the last month, when Obama began surging. None us will know the extent of that surge until tonight. Anything can happen.

The spreadsheet is organized into two pages - one for Dems and one for Repubs - and follows a timeline of when polls close so that we can move down the list as the night progresses. I'll try to fill in the "Outcome" field online as the night goes on, but I might be having too much fun live-blogging and just mark them on my printouts instead.

Since the delegate-counting is going to be extremely complicated tonight, I've also linked to two sources that do a good job breaking down each state's delegate count. Because every state does it differently, from each other and intra-state by party, I didn't clutter up my spreadsheet with that info.

Have fun tonight... you know where we'll be!