Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Today's the day! (Or is it?)

Maggie says:
Check out the CNN instant poll right nowthat is no longer on their website. I can't believe that today's Super Tuesday and we're still all so up in the air about what will be decided by tomorrow morning. What a political season. Truly one we'll always remember.

Quick Vote

Super Tuesday will decide the nominee for:

Republicans - 36%
Democrats - 12%
Both Parties - 28%
Neither Party - 24%

Total Votes:222,521

I voted "Republicans" in the quiz, for the record. If McCain sweeps through these states, it's hard to imagine that Romney will be able to effectively rebound with an angry conservative base. And then we really get to watch some Republican heads roll! As for the Dems, I think barring a huge surprise somewhere, they'll continue to be neck-and-neck in nearly every state. Of course, we've already seen in this race that surprises are very possible. Remember, it's not about who wins the states, it's about the delegate counts - especially given the fact that most states for Dems are not winner-take-all. I don't envy the graphics folks on TV tonight as they try to convey these numbers on the fly... This actually could be a fascinating study of how dramatically the Republicans' winner-take-all state policies will speed up their party's coronation. And hey, I'm all for hastening the impending implosion of the Republican Party. ;-) I'm also going to be watching turnout really closely tonight, and seeing how the Dem candidates fare in the quiet states we don't hear very much about. That includes, of course, New Mexico.