Friday, February 01, 2008

Marjorie, live at the Obama event

Maggie reports:

I just got a text from Marjorie, over at the Kiva auditorium this very moment:

"Obama is a rock star, if this rally is any indication.
It's packed and I was almost crushed by the crowd as I shook his hand."

Can't wait to hear more, Marjorie!

Marjorie says...

Don't get the impression from these pictures that I'm somehow important because I was this close to Obama in a crowd of 4,000. Just the opposite in fact. By the time Joann and I got to the Convention Center at 11:45 a line was snaking around the building. By the time we entered the building an hour later and began snaking our way through the overflow room (through which the line was a can see it in the picture below heading out the door), we realized we probably weren't going to get a seat.

Then we noticed our friends sitting in a front row of seats next to a stage with a microphone. In the photo, that's Joann on the right, and Bineshi on the left. Behind them are Mimi, Anne Marie, Javier and Mario. Joann and I are so pleased now that our friends are so smart.

Yes, Obama stopped in to say hello to us for more than a few minutes, as well as the people still outside before heading into the Kiva.

I managed to get this excellent photo of him shaking Mimi's hand all the while I was literally being crushed by the frenzied crowd behind me who wanted to shake his hand also.

And here he is moving on down the row...and at just about this moment the crowd began to chant...Si Se Puede!

I hope Hillary stops in tomorrow...I will be sure to go see her as well. Television can be so impersonal, and seeing the candidates in person makes them seem more real. What was he like? Cool, Charismatic, Charming. And maybe just a touch tired. His schedule must be grueling. He went on to host a town hall meeting in the Kiva regarding the Economy. I came on back to the office and watched it streaming objective being met, much better than I expected it to be.